Column by Peter Went, WCC CEO
The Wave: “World Citizen Card, is it feasible?”
Trends come in waves. This is true in IT as much as it is for consumer products. In the recent past, checks were a common way to pay. However, they were expensive to issue, sensitive to fraud and costly to process. Hence, their usage faded quickly.
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Mobile ID World

ELISE in Identification
Identity Matching
Border Management
Drivers License Systems
Visa & Benefits Programs
Cargo Security

Accurate identification for government ID, border management, police solutions or risk analysis   … [more]

  • Multi-modal fusion
  • De-duplication
  • Uniqueness check upon enrollment
  • Person centric view
  • Name & address matching
  • Dynamic use of matching algorithms

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    ELISE in Employment
    Employment Matching
    Public Employment Services
    Staffing Agencies
    Recruiting firms
    Job Boards

    Intelligent match of candidates with jobs – and vice versa for both government and commercial organizations … [more]

  • Career Advice
  • Employability Management
  • Gap Analysis – Distance to labor market
  • Matching on Competences
  • Harvesting & Parsing
  • Reporting and Analytics Suite

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