"Interfacing with ELISE is easy."

Mirjam Sijmons; Commercial Director
Partner with a Winner
The ELISE matching system can be used in a variety of high volume, high transaction situations where outstanding match results are required. It serves the growth industries of recruiting, eCommerce, and identity, with proven, industrial strength technology.

ELISE - Swift, Smart, Reliable, Scalable

> State of the art matching technology
> Returns ranked results list of best matches
> High performance – sub-second match times
> Scalable to huge data volumes
> Easy to integrate
> Easily customized to fit business needs
> Encapsulates business logic
> High availability architecture

Partner Program Benefits
The most important benefit of being a WCC partner is your ability to use the world’s most innovative matching technology to help you drive revenue. To speed you toward success, you’ll have access to a broad range of information resources and people to help you quickly and efficiently integrate ELISE. You’ll receive:

Software, technical information, training, and tools

> ELISE software
> Documentation
> Software tools
> eLearning
> On-site consulting and training
> Technical information and Support

Sales/marketing information, tools, and activities

> Customizable marketing materials and tools
> Web link on the WCC web site
> Co-marketing activities
> Commissions
> On-site consulting and training
> Technical information and Support

Additional Benefits

> WCC Champion
> Partner Mailing List

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