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Mirjam Sijmons; Commercial Director
The Wave: “World Citizen Card, is it feasible?”
Trends come in waves. This is true in IT as much as it is for consumer products. In the recent past, checks were a common way to pay. However, they were expensive to issue, sensitive to fraud and costly to process. Hence, their usage faded quickly.
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A visionary statement on Public Safety
Identification of individuals is the basis for public safety. On the other hand, full identification and tracking of people is considered an invasion of privacy.
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Job Boards, Where Do You Stay?
Social Networking a New Trend!
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Job Matching and Biometrics
Are job matching and (biometric) identification different technologies and different markets, or do they converge?
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The Secret to Searching Smart
Why Traditional Search Technologies Create a Catch-22 for Your Business
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Information Overload? Reign in the Noise
Making the Information Super Highway a Two-Way Street
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Beyond the Relational Database
The Search for a Better Way to Search
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“SEARCH” Technology vs. “MATCH” Technology
The new frontier is looking decidedly un-Google
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A Place for Everything
It is human nature to want to organize everything so that we can easily describe, organize, categorize and – most importantly – find things in our world.
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On Flying Horses, Nations Working Together,
and Other Impossibilities…
On April 8, a KLM flight departed Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam for Mexico and might have wound up flying into technology history.
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