"ELISE is perfectly scalable"

Accenture France, after evaluating ELISE on behalf of a large staffing firm
WCC search software delivering meaningful results: <br>

WCC is committed to providing our customers with the most comprehensive software solution, but we know that great technology alone is not enough for success it takes great partners to reach that goal. So we work hard to make partnering with WCC both enjoyable and profitable.

WCC empowers partners with the tools you need to quickly and efficiently deliver products and solutions with state-of-the-art matching making your road to revenue as short as possible. Whether you are a systems integrator creating a custom solution, or you are offering a product or solution with ELISE inside, WCC provides innovative technology and excellent support to make you successful.

Regardless of your industry, ELISE can help your customers find what theyre looking for:
>Recruiting Find the best jobs for a candidate or the best candidates for a job. ELISE can even measure mutual interest to provide the top matches and the reasons for their ranked order
>eCommerce Guide customers to the best product or service just like an in-store sales assistant. ELISE considers multiple criteria quickly and easily, and can even weight some as more important than others
>Identity Find the right person or profile quickly using multimodal biometrics. ELISE scales to handle large populations and can easily integrate biographic criteria as well as new biometric algorithms.

ELISE is fast, even with large volumes of data, so your product or solution can interactively deliver the highest quality answers in real time.

ELISEs high availability architecture means your product or solution can reliably deliver results 24X7. In addition, its extensible architecture means that you can customize ELISE to meet business needs by extending it with, for example, custom match functions or additional biometric algorithms.

If you want to put ELISE to work in your product or solution, read more about our Partner program below or sign up for more information.

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