"ELISE functions as an independent database alongside the Oracle database"

Andy Donnelly
EDS UK, SI for the UK Employment Service

Swift. Smart. Reliable. Scalable.

No other matching system delivers the powerful combination of speed and meaningful results that ELISE does on demand, millions of times a day with:

Unparalleled Performance
Sub-second response times across databases containing millions of records / profile.
ELISE was created to have a dramatic, timesaving impact on extremely large-scale environments with enormous volumes of data and hundreds or thousands of
simultaneous users. 

High Availability and Scalability
ELISE can perform (at least) 100.000 matches per second on a single Pentium and the performance is linearly scalable.
Its use of grid techniques helps companies leverage their industry standard hardware and enhances scalability. Many WCC customers distribute ELISE components redundantly over multiple servers or even across data centers to achieve high availability of the system. It's commonplace among WCC customers to use ELISE in environments holding millions of data objects and executing hundreds of match request.

Near-human Intelligence
The near-human intelligence approach - fuzzy search returns a ranked list of the relevant hits from best fit to least.
The more detailed you describe your demand; the more accurate the offer will match.
ELISE software uses ranking and discriminating match results with drill-down functionality.

Simple Integration, Valuable Analysis
As a server-based matching engine, ELISE comes with application programming interfaces that make integration simple -Product Suite. The system works seamlessly in environments that include Java, .NET, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Oracle, DB2, and  Microsoft SQL Server, to name a few.

ELISE includes tools, like the trace manager and the data analyzer, that help companies learn more about their customers' behavior, such as the most common queries and the
most-used features. This information can be used not only to get detailed statistics of ELISE usage, but, more importantly, to enable your business to better meet customer needs.

Flexibility with Pricing