"ELISE is perfectly scalable"

Accenture France, after evaluating ELISE on behalf of a large staffing firm
WCC search software delivering meaningful results: <br>

What Your Customers Expect

In today’s 24-hour economy, organizations have to provide access to data fast and easily, in real time and at any time. Web visitors have grown much more sophisticated in their search behavior and have raised the bar of expectations on the quality of results they find.

Even Better Than the Real Thing

Our customers say WCC Smart Search & Match’s flagship product ELISE offers something no other product on the market can – the ability to search through data just as the human mind would. Using such techniques as bi-directional matching, weighted criteria and gliding scales, ELISE delivers ranked, meaningful results. And even better than the human process, ELISE can return those results in under a second – no matter how big the database, or how many!

What does this mean for your organization? It means that no matter how flawed or incomplete the search criteria, ELISE is always able to return a match. Looking for an email that was sent in October about a team meeting? ELISE will find it, even if you got it wrong and the email was sent in September. Searching for a candidate in a 40 km/mile range? ELISE will find the candidate that best fits the criteria, even if they happen to be 48 km/miles away. Even if you have limited knowledge of what you are actually looking for, just a few simple steps with ELISE will provide all of the information you need.

Making the Most of Your Primary Asset

ELISE is smart search & match – by presenting the very best possible matches on any given search it guarantees accurate, meaningful results. And it even offers transparency, so the user can see exactly how results were composed. With ELISE you never again have to wonder if your all-important database is being used to its full potential.