"ELISE functions as an independent database alongside the Oracle database"

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WCC Announces: ELISE Improves Customsí Post-Clearance Compliance in Ireland
UTRECHT, The Netherlands, October 20, 2009 - WCC Smart Search & Match, the leading provider of high-performance search and match software, announced today that the Irish Revenue Commissioners (IRC) have successfully deployed ELISE to support its Customs' post-clearance compliance activities.

The IRC needed a product to facilitate powerful ad-hoc searching against large volumes of Single Administrative Documents. Existing search capabilities, which were based on exact matching, were not effective enough to deal with the complexity of the data model and the high volume of documents submitted on a daily basis. The post-clearance compliance activities required a fuzzy logic search to better identify cases for follow-up. ELISE was the logical choice to complement existing relational databases and tools.

"We are excited to assist the IRC in improving its operations" said Peter Went, CEO of WCC. "With ELISE the IRC now has the capability to quickly find problem cases that previously might have gone undetected.".

Kevin Hutchinson, who manages Revenue's business intelligence projects, added that "ELISE's advanced fuzzy matching software and high speed is exactly what we need in screening, profiling and targeting in this area."

ELISE enables Custom officials to quickly apply weights and ranges to criteria, ultimately allowing for the detection of suspect cases that may not be "known" by the user. Working with the Revenue team, WCC, through a rich set of integration tools, implemented the ELISE based solution in a matter of weeks.

About WCC Smart Search & Match
WCC is the world leader in search and match software technology. Its ELISE search and match platform generates exceptional results with unparalleled speed. WCC's areas of competence extend to human resources, identification/biometrics and other markets. For more information, visit www.wcc-group.com

About the Irish Revenue Commissioners
IRC is the national Revenue authority for Ireland. Its mission statement is 'to serve the community by fairly and efficiently collecting taxes and duties and implementing Customs controls.' There are in excess of 100 Revenue offices countrywide with a staff complement of 6,500 approx. Revenue's mandate derives from obligations imposed by statute and by Government and as a result of Ireland's membership of the European Union. For more information, visit www.revenue.ie

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