"Tests have shown that multiple forms of biometrics validated together will improve valid-match rates."

Tim Best
Electronic Identity Practice, LogicaCMG
Utrecht, The Netherlands, 10 February 2011 – WCC Smart Search & Match, the leading provider of the search and match platform, today announced the availability of its flagship product, ELISE, in the cloud.

ELISE, the Smart Search & Match platform is currently used by many large enterprises and by government agencies around the globe. “Our clients are increasingly making use of cloud computing or planning to do so, both within public cloud infrastructure and within private clouds when additional security is required. We wanted ELISE to be cloud ready to help them make this transition,” said Peter Went, CEO of WCC Smart Search & Match.

For many applications, deploying cloud-based ELISE immediately translates into more cost-effective use of data center resources. ELISE easily handles dynamic scaling in the cloud to provide flexible resource allocation for changes in data volumes and changes in the number of users. Similarly, scaling ELISE in the cloud enables response times to be adjusted easily to maintain customer service levels regardless of loading.

About cloud computing
Conventional IT infrastructures are sized for the peak requirements of a particular application. Multiple applications therefore have multiple IT infrastructures that often share the same data center. Cloud computing allows the dynamic sharing of a single IT infrastructure by multiple applications so that only the part of an IT infrastructure that is required is actually used. This translates into reduced costs by requiring less hardware (and hardware maintenance) and by reducing infrastructure management costs.

About WCC
WCC is a global leader in smart search and match software, serving both enterprise and government customers for over thirteen years. Its flagship ELISE Smart Search & Match is deployed worldwide to address identification and job matching needs. WCC partners with large systems integrators to help build solutions that meet government challenges. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands with offices in Silicon Valley (Palo Alto) and the Washington DC Area (Reston).