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Public Employment Services

The World Standard in Matching for Public Employment Agencies

Driving value means constantly increasing quality and decreasing costs; Increasing the sustainability of a match while making processes more efficient. Sounds simple but with millions of unemployed citizens, it needs special software and special expertise to make it happen. WCC’s Employment Platform was specifically designed to answer the questions asked when matching people with jobs. It is the only technology that looks at the equation from both sides (job seeker’s and employer’s). That capability was built-in from the start! But it does more. WCC's Employment Platform places data in context and delivers ‘meaningful’ results. It doesn’t only try to find the ‘perfect’ match, because often there is no perfect match available, but it also comes back with possible alternative options, ranked and optimized to your specific requirements.

Of course there is much more going on in getting people back to work efficiently and successfully. There are a lot of processes that are often cross-departmental and even integrate with other parties. The Employment Platform thrives on being the center of all those processes, integrating easily with existing databases and other applications.

Apart from supplying the best possible software in public employment, WCC offers unique expertise developed in the last 15 years having the biggest public employment agencies in the world as its customers. One way of leveraging this expertise is by analyzing the customer’s data and thus improving the matching results. Another way of leveraging it is by developing new modules for new business applications in public employment. Making processes more efficient, saving costs and increasing the sustainability of a job match thus reducing the total unemployment time of the total labor force in a country. 

An example: similar case information

Being more effective reduces costs. Imagine a caseworker that has information at her fingertips on past successful matches similar to the case in front of her. It will make her work so much more effective. A system that can support her daily work in such a way not only increases the number of people she can match. It also reduces the risk of a person getting a job that doesn’t fit well and thus pushes that person back in unemployment again. And also back in the office of the caseworker, starting the whole process again.

Making ‘similar case information’ available to a caseworker requires thorough analysis of historical data and presenting it in the relevant context at the right time. ELISE’s capability allows for this, but getting it right involves experts that can optimize the data for this particular application. That is where WCC expertise comes in. WCC’s experts know from experience, working with its customers, how to optimize data in ELISE in order to make every case worker more effective.

View the video below on why WCC's Employment Platform makes the best match in Public Employment solutions. 

View the video that our customer VDAB made to explain the matching process using the Employment Platform software.