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Support and Maintenance

WCC provides a Support and Maintenance plan which entitles you to technical support and to upgrade your WCC software when appropriate.

WCC’s standard Customer Care Program includes:

  • Technical Support during office hours (CET time zone)
    • By e-mail
    • By telephone
    • Through our online Ticket Reporting system
  • Access to the WCC Support Center, which allows you to:
    • Download the latest software versions
    • Access technical documentation
    • Access the online Ticket Reporting system
  • Enhancement Requests ‒ Influence the long-term development of WCC software products
  • Error correction according to the existing Service Level Agreements
  • New versions of the product ‒ WCC publishes all new versions, releases, and updates on the WCC Support Site immediately after general availability

Optionally, you can upgrade WCC support to 24 hour support during 365 days.

Technical Support

WCC offers Technical Support for all WCC software related problems to customers and implementation partners. To help us better serve your needs, please follow these instructions in reporting a problem:

Establish Support Level (i.e., severity of the problem):

  • Level 1
    Software partially or wholly has ceased working in the production environment, and users are unable to continue working with the product
  • Level 2
    Software has partially ceased working in the production environment, but users are able to continue working with the product (albeit with limited key functionality)
  • Level 3
    Software is not working properly, but its key functionality is still available
  • Level 4
    Software is not working properly, but users still have near full functionality

Please provide the following information:

  • Company name and the name of contact person
  • WCC software version number and configuration files
  • Detailed description of the problem including severity level and an indication of the possibility of recurrence
  • For ELISE agent log files (a package with all required files can be automatically generated with ELISE Manager (6.5 and prior versions) or EMC (6.6 and later versions)

Send the information in an e-mail to

In case of level 1 or 2 priority issues, it is necessary to contact the support hotline on one of the following numbers:

EU:    +31 30 7503273 
US:    +1 888 9229224